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"Tendency and solution2014—Deep adjustment •Sustainable •New engine" -China paper 2014 Industry hi

Time:2014-04-08 09:39:00  source:GOLD SUN MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD.  Author:admin

China paper 2014 Industry high level summit was held at Jinan on March 18, 2014-March19, 2014. 267 industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs and the other leaders and guests from more than 150 enterprises home and domestic gathered at Spring City again to explore the issues in the industry development and planed the future development direction of the industry through the top wisdom and forward thinking.

    The summit’s topic was “Tendency and solution2014-Deep adjustment •Sustainable • New engine”, the participants sparkled the thoughts and generated resonation which will affect the future development of the Chinese Paper Industry.

    Mr. Qian Guijing, director of China Paper Association; Mrs. Cao pufang, standing vice-president of China Paper Association; Mr.Zhao Wei, vice-president & secretary general of China Paper Association; Mr.Lian Jianguo, president of China Light Industry Machinery Association; Mr.Cao Zhenlei, secretary general of China Paper Association; Mr.Cai Daying, director of China Light Industry Information Centre;Mr.Hu Nan, honorary president of the China Light Industry Enterprises Investment & Development Association; Mr.Chen Kefu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Mr.Yao Xianping, director of China Paper Chemicals Industry Association; Paper Association of Hebei Province ; Paper-making Industry Association of Henan Province; Paper Association of Hubei Province; Paper-making Industry Association of Jiangsu Province; Light Industry Association of Shandong Province; Paper-making Industry Association of Shandong Province; Paper-making Industry Association of Sichuan Province; and Paper-making Industry Association of Zhejiang Province attended the summit. Standing Vice-president Mrs. Cao Pufang said the summit not only provides a chance for the representatives participating in the summit to study and exchange, but also sets up a platform for cooperation and double-win.

    The summit was composed of three parts including “New Challenges and new opportunities of the paper-making industry during the deep adjustment period” “The strategic new thoughts and new actions to realize the sustainable development” and “looking for the new engine and new model to actuate the industry to move forward”

    At the first part of the summit, Mr. Qian Guijing, director of China Paper Association gave a special report named as “China paper Industry need to accelerate the transformation of the development pattern and industry upgrade after entered the deep adjustment period”. Mr. Qian Guijing says “the total output of paper and paperboard of China Paper-making Industry has made negative growth at 2013,2013 was also a very important year for the enterprises, it means China Paper-making Industry entered the new stage of deep adjustment, the enterprises should transform the development pattern and promote the  transformation and upgrade of the industry”. Mr. Stanley Okoro, General Manager of America Fisher International analyzed and speculated the main products market of paper industry worldwide, he also analyzed the complicated situation which China Paper-making industry is facing with. Mr. Chen Kefu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering combed the several problems about Green Development which China Paper-making industry confronted with during the deep adjustment period.

    At the second part, Mr. Li Hongxin, Chairman Of The Board of Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd explained how to accelerate the structural adjustment and realize the transformation and upgrade for a enterprise based on the successful case and practical experience of Sun Paper.

    At the third part, Mr.Liu Mingming, CEO of Asia Voith Paper analyzed the opportunities and challenges which China Paper Industry is facing with on the basis of the paper-making market home and abroad and also described the new engine and new pattern which will drive the industry to move forward in the future.
The industry high-level dialogue was specially arranged in the three parts in order to make wisdom converged more broadly, to express the thought and unite the consensus. Mr.Xu lei, General Manager of Wenrui, Mr.Chen Yongling, technology president of Wenrui were invited to attend this summit, Mr.Xu lei discussed deeply about the new features and new changes of the industry, the market tendency prediction and the new investment opportunity, the extension and butt joint of the industry chain and worldwide resources and market, etc.

    “High-level summit of China Paper industry” has been successfully held for 5 times, and it has aroused extensive attention and influence in the industry, the average amount of participants of each summit was more than 200 and more than 80% of the participants were the chairman of the board or general manager of the large scale paper-making and the related enterprises, the participants were also included the leaders of the related departments of the government, responsible person of the national and the key area’sindustry organization of paper industry and the related industry, the famous expert and scholar of the key institutions, research institutions, consulting agencies, security research agencies and the leaders of the industry management department and the industry association leaders of part of the key provinces.

    China Paper industry high-level summit has been gradually becoming the high-leveled and large scaled significant annually activity of paper-making industry since 2009.





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