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"2014 Shandong(International)Paper Technology and Equipment Expo" held grandly

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Shandong (International) Technique and Equipment Exhibition on Pulp & Paper Industry was sponsored by Shandong Paper Industry Association and Shandong Province Printing Material Co., Ltd. and held in Shandong Machinery Equipment Exhibition Center, Jinan on 18th Mar, 2014.

    Mr. Xu Lei, General Manager, led a team of 28 persons from Gold Sun Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Wenrui Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. and to attend this show. Mr. Qian Guijing, Vice Chairman of China National Light Industry, Director-General of China Paper Association, Ms. Cao Pufang, Standing vice Director of China Paper Association, Mr. Li Hongxin, Chairman of Shandong Sun Paper accompanied by leaders from provinces paper associations visited Wenrui’s stall. Mr. Xu introduced 2860 Crescent High Speed Tissue Machine with a speed 1800m/min by Gold Sun and largest Twin Roll Wash Press SJA2272 with a capacity of 4300 T/D by Wenrui. All visitors made great evaluation on Wenrui’s fast healthy development in recent years.

    Wenrui and Gold Sun united to set up the stall of 108m2. The stall design idea adheres to concept of being plain but not being simple, which shows both companies’ culture and embodies company’s philosophy of pursuing most cost effective, contributed to industry green recycle.

    On 1st day, numbers of customers visited our stall, who came from provinces’ paper associations, Huatai Group, Xinxiang Xintai Paper, Xi’an Cailun Paper, Shandong Jincailun Paper, Baoding Dongsheng Paper, Hebei Jinshuiwan Paper. They fully affirm our development and service capability in recent years.







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